Ethical Film & Video

We are highly a experienced team of broadcast professionals. As such we are steeped in a culture of turning material round fast, accurately and with attention to detail.


This means you get your film and video production needs met with the minimum of fuss, on time, on budget and to your specification.

Promotional Films

You may be a company with a new product to sell, a charity with a worthy tale to tell a health provider with new ways to keep us well…

What ever your story, you need a Griot to tell it!

Participatory Films

Griot’s directors have pioneered work in participatory filmmaking for nearly 15 years.

At Griot Creative we believe that the person whose story is being told, should be in control of the way that story is told.

And so were ever possible we strive to put the subject of the story behind the camera as well as in front of it.

This approach helps suspend judgement, avoid criticism and dispel fear – creating courage, building compassion and sparking curiosity in their place.

Documentary Films

We have worked with drama and creative forms of narrative interpretation, including verse pieces and comedy but at our heart we are documentary filmmakers.

We appreciate the question “whats the story?” is at best naïve, but we also consider the quickest way to get to a rounded interpretation of the facts is through ‘factual’ storytelling.

TV Advertisements

To cut through the mass media melee you need wit and creativity, you need a company with imagination, you need integrity.


We can provide talented, creative, flexible film production crew, with experience in most environments on earth (below sea and in the air too!).

Wherever your stories leads we can follow and ensure that it is captured for your audience.


And if you have filmed most of the elements in your story we can make it work for your audience.

That might mean creating supporting assets to ‘professionalize’ your material or we can help pull the material together into a finished product using our video post production services.

The quality in any story is generally created by what you leave out allowing the light to shine clearly on what you leave in!