Eric Kimori

Eric is a communication professional with over a decade of experience in projects management and development communication. With the initial training in broadcast journalism, Mr Kimori has worked with a wide range of both local and international development projects.

Between 2002 and 2004, Mr Kimori worked as a freelance reporter for a number of Kenyan local news agencies and then project managed a HIV/AIDS programme in Nyamira Kenya. Between 2015 and 2018, he worked in various capacities with a myriad of development projects ranging from health, environment, social support, education, and ICT. From 2018, Mr Kimori has been working with a governance project funded by USAID and UKAID which builds the capacity of county governments to effectively and efficiently implement devolution.

In his spare time, Kimori loves to write, from poetry to short stories, from articles to proposals, fiction and non-fiction alike.

Mr Kimori is the founder and Executive Director of Complitkenya, a Kenyan charity based in Nyamira County. Kimori is also an alumnus of YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) East Africa Regional Leadership Centre, which is President Obama’s leadership and mentorship programme. Mr Kimori has a Bachelor degree in Community Projects Management and Diplomas in Journalism, Discipleship Evangelism and Theology.