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PEOPLES VOICE 10 Years On – The re-launch

MOVING ON – PEOPLES VOICE We have spent considerable time, energy and resources in empowering groups, individuals and communities to take ownership of the tools of media expression in recent years. Across all of our commissions we have worked around the world – from Bangladesh to Peru, from Tristan da Cunha to Greenland. When we […]

Baden-Powell Women: The St Clair Legacy

The St Clair Legacy Betty St Clair Clay takes a salute In 1908 Boer War hero Robert Baden-Powell published the global best seller Scouting for Boys. It sparked the birth of a Movement that has spread all across the world and created a current membership of 50-million!                   […]

My Step-Dad is a Spy!

I lay awake, before day-break, listening to the early adopters of the dawn chorus that was coming. It was Good-Friday. A long weekend lay ahead.   I had been musing for an hour or so already. When my wife Daf finally woke, a couple of hours later, I greeted her with: “I’m going to write […]

Orphelia Waits – love storm in the Triangle:

Nicotine yellow, brooding, fingers Scar the sky – Orphelia waits.   #Metoo, she wrote. Claiming her spot At the base No disgrace   Moving round Without a sound She points one finger Points the blame   Nails polished, bright, Light blinding Night-grinding Comfort giving Rescue package to his pain She shifts again.   So, It’s […]

Reflections on Love

Between twin-calendar-pillars of love – Valentine’s day and Santes Dwynwen (the welsh patron saint of love) – I thought it timely to consider the four letter word that affects us all, no matter how we use it. I’m no fan of current events in Washington DC. Lets make that plain from the start. In the appropriate […]

Ready to go back to Work

Ready to go back to work? Well that’s been a great Christmas. For me, peaceful, nourishing, quiet – a most appropriate end to a tumultuous year. A year in which so many of my creative heroes have fallen and one in which voters in the UK and the States made choices I would not have […]

Barefoot Beach Run Blog

Barefoot beach-run blog:   “What a lot of one-legged swimmers there must be in the sea” – the absurd thought, breaks from my subconscious, nearly making me stumble as it clatters against the wall of my conscious mind.   “How are YOOOOOOOU?” – filters through the flotsam that lines the shore as a pick my […]

In her Arms

In her arms:   White moon bright, the gypsy girl, beneath the bridge in Kyustendil, smiles wide, flashing teeth as bright as the cyclist skin – there to make a deal.   She’s always there. Tonight she’ll hold her novice As he cries away a dream   With drawn lines as crisp as Osogovo cut […]