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If you think there are challenges at home, picture social-distancing in a country with over a billion people. India has many memories for me, one of the most vivid is what seemed to be a totally eccentric sense of spatial awareness! To the extent that, in my favourite state, a burn on the ankle from […]


If you’re going to be locked down anywhere there may be fewer more interesting places to choose than Peru – but lock-down is lock-down, no matter how breathtaking the scenery and charismatic the people. I have been watching with interest the journey of drummer and musician Aaron Meli on facebook in recent days. He is a […]

Africa and the virus

So far the continent of Africa has got off lightly in terms of numbers of cases of  COVID-19 – but how long will it last? The most recent figures we have seen here at Griot Creative suggest the virus has now been confirmed in 39 of Africa’s 54 countries. There were just over 2,500 cases by […]

PEOPLES VOICE 10 Years On – The re-launch

MOVING ON – PEOPLES VOICE We have spent considerable time, energy and resources in empowering groups, individuals and communities to take ownership of the tools of media expression in recent years. Across all of our commissions we have worked around the world – from Bangladesh to Peru, from Tristan da Cunha to Greenland. When we […]

Baden-Powell Women: The St Clair Legacy

The St Clair Legacy Betty St Clair Clay takes a salute In 1908 Boer War hero Robert Baden-Powell published the global best seller Scouting for Boys. It sparked the birth of a Movement that has spread all across the world and created a current membership of 50-million!                   […]