For six months, up to the end of January 2020, we were blessed @Griot to have in the team a young Spanish editor and filmmaker called Malva Soler. She took time out to travel to the Canary Islands for a few weeks, before visiting her parents, in mainland Spain. Our intention was to welcome her back for activities in the Spring. But, now she is in lockdown, in the mountains, with her family. This is her experience of living #underthemask

After five weeks in Lanzarote having a pause and working on my next step I came to visit my family in Valencia.

Before I left my ‘holiday bubble’ my country was locked down and I got trapped.

My first feelings were quite dark – well actually, dark as hell.

That feeling is normal I guess, we all are programmed to feel fear and guilt – What am I gonna do? How am I gonna pay my rent? Where am I gonna work? It sounds tragic.

But this darkness is gone, after 21 days I realized that this lockdown is here to remind me the meaning of freedom.

We are probably all feeling like we’re in jail.  But actually, we set aside our slavery.

We won’t be working 9 to 5 – we can enjoy being home, being still, being at peace,

I am beginning to realise we basically have to live every single moment, everyday.  And we probably would do if we let our imagination flow.

Now is when creativity is our most valuable asset.

My days here, in the house of my childhood, with my parents are different, everyday,

Now, I’m quite glad I got trapped here. The house is on the top of a mountain with four acres of land.

All of my cameras and computers that I use for work I left for my return to the UK.  I’m almost naked in terms of work material.

Instead I have the chance to work in the veggie and flower garden,
clean the house, learn recipes with my mom, fixing things inside and outside, I’m gaining a knowledge of permaculture, I’m reading all these books I’ve got on my list. Also, as a family we practice yoga everyday before playing cards or table games.

I’m connecting with all of those people I met while studying and traveling around the world who I haven’t had communication with in years.

But the most powerful thing I’m doing is connecting with myself, I’m feeling strong and confident. I’m writing future projects and collaborations. I’m connecting with very talented people that I’m pretty sure I’ll be learning with.

Since I diluted the darkness, all I was looking for during my holidays is coming true

I’m feeling blessed in some way, maybe because my roots are again in the earth surrounded by nature, or maybe because I’m feeling more connected than ever with my parents and I’m having a real pause, time for reflexion and dedication.

This coronavirus is separating the souls from the bodies of thousands of people everyday – alone, not even saying goodbye to their families.

And it is showing us our own poison.

The worst virus is the one that hides our power. We, as human beings are creative, incredibly kind and powerful. Let’s fight, together, against THAT virus.


What a joy for us to be share with you, the special nature of Malva. We wish her, her loved ones and countrymen and women peace and good health in grip of the Spanish Lockdown

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