One of our close working partners and clients over the years has been the development charity in Llantwit Major – New Hope.

We have worked with them in Nicaragua and Sri Lanka. More recently we have got closely involved. Our director Hywel George was elected to the board in 2019 and has been working on innovative ways to generate revenue for beneficiaries in Kenya, Somaliland and Nicaragua.

The charity had recently hosted partners from Central America to talk about new developments – then COVID-19 took hold and the charity shop was forced to shut.

So, at Griot we have been racking our brains to find a way to continue to serve the local community, while not reducing the focus for New Hope or those further afield.

One of the impacts of the Coronavirus is on some of the hardest-hit households in our communities. Those living in sickness, poverty and isolation at home. Many of these will be in homes powered via Pay-as-you-go electricity metres.

Imagine you are elderly and wake up in the night to go to the toilet, you switch on the light ad the metre is dead – what then?

Well, we have a solution!

A smart lightbulb! An LED unit, which plugs into the normal socket and runs off mains power in the normal way.

The difference is that if the power is cut, for any reason, the bulb switches to battery power (using a built in battery, similar to the ones used in mobile phones!).

The batteries are trickle-charged, when the mains power is connected and automatically switch to battery back-up power if the mains power is lost for any reason. Then you have four hours of light, enough to see you through!

These bulbs generally retail for £9.99…. but as a special concession, during these challenging times, New Hope is able to offer them for just £2.50!!!

We have limited stocks and they are available on a first come first served basis.

To get yours, contact Hywel George on 07773 326127 and it will be delivered to your door (locally), in a socially distanced, safe manner!