More than a story

GRIOT (grē-ō′, grē′ō, grē′ŏt)

noun. A member of a class of travelling poets, musicians, and storytellers who maintain a tradition of oral history.

Griot is a communications consultancy, specialising in film and moving image, known for bringing out the best in its clients, subjects and stories. We work with organisations across many sectors on projects for academic outreach, social justice and change documentation, environmental impact and campaigning. Our clients count on us to help tell their stories. Our strengths have been in climate sciences, corporate engagement in ‘change-making’,  social enterprises looking to grow or NGOs working to improve delivery mechanisms to those in need.

We also have an empowerment tool, Peoples Voice, which trains under-represented communities to explore and share their stories.

We’re experts in finding your narrative – from corporate communications for multinationals through to individuals just starting out with their first crowdfunding film – we can help bring your stories to life and to a new audience.

If there’s anything going on in your world, you’d better consult with GRIOT – more than just good storytelling.